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The European reference for the certification of HVAC&R products

Eurovent Certita Certification is a leading European certification body in the field of Indoor climate - Ventilation and Air quality - Refrigeration and the Food cold chain - with over 20 years of experience. Based on a voluntary scheme, the certification is open to all manufacturers as well as to distributors who can apply via their Brand Name scheme. They deliver independent and reliable expertise for residential, commercial, and industrial applications. They certify product performances according to both European and international standards, and their certification processes include yearly factory assessment audits, software audits, and third party product testing.

Enhancing the consumer experience

Certification delivered by Eurovent Certita Certification provides important benefits for end-users that will guide them in their choice when purchasing certified products.

Saving energy and money

Certification helps to reduce energy costs and saves money. Based on product performance data that have been independently measured and verified, their online database allows clients to search between hundreds of certified models, enabling a fair product comparison to select the most cost effective solution. When it comes to quickly identifying the best energy efficient system, end-users can also rely on their energy efficiency labels that will guide them in their decision thanks to a clear display of the energy class, from A+ to E. Their robust ranking method is based on regular measurements of the actual units by independent testing laboratories. As a result, expectations for energy efficiency are fully met.

Guaranteeing comfort

Third party certification, with its independent, stringent standards and processes, helps accelerate product improvements, enhancing the performance of certified products launched on the market. In addition to offering increased comfort, it also enables end-users to make healthy and sustainable product choices.

Increasing consumer confidence

Finally, their certification marks do not only give guidance but also confidence in the products. They guarantee that the products have been accurately tested and rated by an accredited and independent third-party and that they conform to standards and will perform as advertised.

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